Teenager highlights ‘prejudice and discrimination’ against asexuality in documentary

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The Mirror reports that a teenager — Josh Scott — has created a video and pamphlet about the problems caused by a lack of understanding of asexuality.

Asexuals want orientation recognised

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“I want it to get into sex ed and sexual counselors,” Decker, a writer and an asexual, said of the book. “So that it will work into the common knowledge and common narrative about what sexuality is.”

A grandson’s lament

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Last night, my grandfather passed away. This is why he is so special to me.

Coming out of invisibility

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"Coming out of invisibility" has been making waves in the ace community. It illustrates the pressing need to address discrimination and persecution.

Accepting and giving compliments

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Since my teens I've found it difficult to accept compliments. It's hard to describe why. But I try.

Finding a home within MOGII groups

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A positive article about the inclusion of the asexual spectrum in student groups attracts negative comments about the dilution of MOGII groups.

Asexuality should be recognised, not ignored

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A recent article drew me to reflect on Asexual Awareness Week and what it has achieved.

Ari shares some colour on asexuality

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Adri produced a thorough graphic that explains the issues that asexuals face for Asexual Awareness Week 2013.

The price of football

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Since the BBC is releasing its Price of Football 2014 study tomorrow, I put my tuppence worth into the argument that the price of football is not just financial and warn about the commercial impact on the game.

A reply from The Telegraph

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The Head of Editorial Compliance replied within a matter of hours. As expected, my complaint didn't quite invoke the Editors' Code of Practice and my complaint wasn't upheld. Here is the reply nonetheless.