Asexuality as a diagnostic tool

This Medical Daily article helps to give a background of the pathology of asexuality and how asexuals use the term to explore their sexuality.

Doom and Gloom: A brief response to the general election

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While the UK wakes up to the terrifying prospect of another five years of Tory oppression, I dwell upon the election campaigns of the main parties.

Asexuality isn’t a diagnosis or last resort

“I’ve met so many people in the [asexual] community who felt like they had a lot of unlearning to do and a lot of damage to heal by the time that they found out asexuality exists.”

Don’t ask, don’t tell

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I explain my stance on answering questions about my (a)sexuality and why asking questions is important.

Well, you asked for it

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The Labour Party keep sending me demands for donations. Here is my response to their incredulous request to know why I haven't donated.

A disappointing response from Labour

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The Labour Party responded to my email about the Equality Act and asexuality equality. The response was particularly disappointing.

Why sexual people don’t get asexuality and why it matters for everybody

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I went to a seminar by Mark Carrigan at Balliol College, Oxford University, yesterday on how understanding asexuality may change the way we think about our sexual identities.

Creating support for change

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After being frustrated by my earlier efforts to bring positive change, I became a member of Loughborough University's staff LGBT group.

Time to Talk, Time to Change

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A mental health charity challenged everyone to talk about mental health issues for five minutes today. I posted my thoughts on it here.

Into the mind of a mathematician

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I thought I'd share an interesting quote I found today from a professional mathematics about what it means to teach mathematics.