Ari shares some colour on asexuality

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Adri produced a thorough graphic that explains the issues that asexuals face for Asexual Awareness Week 2013.

The price of football

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Since the BBC is releasing its Price of Football 2014 study tomorrow, I put my tuppence worth into the argument that the price of football is not just financial and warn about the commercial impact on the game.

A reply from The Telegraph

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The Head of Editorial Compliance replied within a matter of hours. As expected, my complaint didn't quite invoke the Editors' Code of Practice and my complaint wasn't upheld. Here is the reply nonetheless.

A letter to The Telegraph

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I was alerted to an article published to The Telegraph's website via an email update that searches for articles about asexuality. This one was offensive. I've contacted The Telegraph to complain about it.

A reply from the Government Equalities Office

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I received a reply from the Government Equalities Office (GEO) about their stance on protecting asexuals and legally recognising asexuality. The letter is shown in full in this post. They have no appetite to. So now, we must act.

Email sent to major political parties

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Having gone two weeks hearing nothing from most of the political parties, I contacted them via email in the hope of a more immediate response.

Letter to the Government Equalities Office

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Here is the letter that I sent to the Government Equalities Office to ask about the Office's (and the Tories') policy on asexual protection.

A reply from The Conservative Party

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The first reply to my letter to political parties was from the Conservatives. It wasn't very helpful though and left me feeling like I'd been fobbed off.

Letter to major political parties

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I have written to five major political parties in the UK to establish their policies towards protecting and promoting asexuality. This is my letter to them.

Forgiveness and the missing link

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In this post, I ponder the link between forgiveness and understanding, relating it to the case of Reeva Steenkamp's family forgiveness of Oscar Pistorius.