Why sexual people don’t get asexuality and why it matters for everybody

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I went to a seminar by Mark Carrigan at Balliol College, Oxford University, yesterday on how understanding asexuality may change the way we think about our sexual identities.

Creating support for change

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After being frustrated by my earlier efforts to bring positive change, I became a member of Loughborough University's staff LGBT group.

Time to Talk, Time to Change

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A mental health charity challenged everyone to talk about mental health issues for five minutes today. I posted my thoughts on it here.

Into the mind of a mathematician

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I thought I'd share an interesting quote I found today from a professional mathematics about what it means to teach mathematics.

Innocent Eyes

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I talk about my recent reflections on life and music and conclude that happiness is within reach.

And so it may continue

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Today I started my new job as a pedagogic research assistant at Oxford Brookes University.

Welcome to 2015!

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A short message for my readers for New Year's Day 2015.

Teenager highlights ‘prejudice and discrimination’ against asexuality in documentary

The Mirror reports that a teenager — Josh Scott — has created a video and pamphlet about the problems caused by a lack of understanding of asexuality.

Asexuals want orientation recognised

“I want it to get into sex ed and sexual counselors,” Decker, a writer and an asexual, said of the book. “So that it will work into the common knowledge and common narrative about what sexuality is.”

A grandson’s lament

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Last night, my grandfather passed away. This is why he is so special to me.