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A fight for change, part 3
/ September 15, 2014 0 COMMENTS
Since the letter I received from my local MP concentrated on the Equality Act 2010, I decided that I will concentrate on that, for now. So I’ve written another letter. Well, ...
Forgiveness and the missing link
/ September 12, 2014 0 COMMENTS
In this post, I ponder the link between forgiveness and understanding, relating it to the case of Reeva Steenkamp's family forgiveness of Oscar Pistorius.
A fight for change, part 2
/ September 9, 2014 0 COMMENTS
I received a reply from my MP about my concerns about asexuality and the law. I outline the response from the House of Commons Library.
Because England and Wales is roughly London anyway
/ September 7, 2014 0 COMMENTS
I propose that those of us with iPhones in the rest of Britain need not be too worried about this article. Best stay cautious though!
A fight for change, part 1
/ September 2, 2014 1 COMMENTS
I sent a letter to my local MP in the hope of changing aspects of law to protect and promote asexuals and asexuality in the UK.
Life is better with cake
/ September 2, 2014 0 COMMENTS
Mr. Kipling has produced an advert and a slogan that is bound to chime with the asexual community!
Cosmo piece on asexuality
/ August 30, 2014 0 COMMENTS
Cosmopolitan magazine has an article on asexuality, featuring interviews with two asexual women. It was frustrating, like the whole world was in on some joke I wasn’t. I often ...
LOL: Punctuation?
/ August 26, 2014 2 COMMENTS
When instant messaging, I often find myself terminating things I say with “lol”. Rarely do I actually laugh out loud when I use “lol”, but it does convey that I ...
Coat of arms
/ August 26, 2014 0 COMMENTS
Before I sought help for my depression, I worked upon a coat of arms for myself as a means to reflect on the things that are important to me. It’s not an official coat of arms, of ...
A new chapter
/ August 17, 2014 0 COMMENTS
Today, Newcastle United’s season began with a defeat at home against Manchester City. But there was so much to be thankful for. In particular, I was able to be there. We take for ...
Early experiences of being asexual
/ August 11, 2014 2 COMMENTS
I thought I’d share some of my recent experiences of being an “out” asexual. This covers a period of between one and two years. I won’t say that the reaction has ...
Diversification of the site
/ August 8, 2014 0 COMMENTS
Hi everyone. It’s been a while. Sorry! That’s not to say nothing has happened; on the contrary, much has occurred not least including a revamp of this website. I’m ...
Can you learn Danish by osmosis?
/ September 21, 2013 0 COMMENTS
An interesting article on learning language by immersing oneself in a country that speaks the language.
My views of middle lane-hoggers
/ June 5, 2013 0 COMMENTS
Today, the government announced measures to widen the scope of sanctions against careless driving for, among other things, middle lane-hogging. BBC News also offered their analysis of ...
Why are Buddhist monks attacking Muslims?
/ May 2, 2013 0 COMMENTS
It seems every religion is doomed to being twisted for the blood-hungry.
Science Matters returns…
/ March 29, 2013 0 COMMENTS
Once again, I’m involved as a member of the organising committee for the Science Matters conference. It is a conference for the research students in the School of Science at ...
Awakened by foxes
/ September 7, 2012 0 COMMENTS
As I lay awake to the sound of mating foxes and postgraduate students (please be reassured that, so far as I can discern, they are purely intra-species relations), I look back at what ...
Science Matters 2012 Conference
/ March 22, 2012 0 COMMENTS
The inaugural Science Matters conference took place yesterday at Loughborough University. Its aim was to bring together the six departments in the recently formed “School of ...
/ March 7, 2012 0 COMMENTS
I entered the poster competition, but unfortunately did not win any prizes. A few people (mainly judges) asked a little more about my project, which helps, but it’s a shame more ...
/ March 3, 2012 0 COMMENTS
It was a fairly late decision to attend the BSRLM conference at The University of Manchester on 3rd March 2012, but I am glad I did. Aside from meeting some familiar faces, I met some ...