Creating support for change

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After being frustrated by my earlier efforts to bring positive change, I became a member of Loughborough University's staff LGBT group.

Time to Talk, Time to Change

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A mental health charity challenged everyone to talk about mental health issues for five minutes today. I posted my thoughts on it here.

Into the mind of a mathematician

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“… what is a teacher? You see, mathematicians don’t think of themselves as teachers. That should be clear. They lecture. Sometimes they like to and sometimes they don’t. But that’s not what you [as a teacher] think of. You think of yourself as doing mathematics [while students observe].”

One of Gustin’s participants believed that mathematicians […]

Innocent Eyes

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I talk about my recent reflections on life and music and conclude that happiness is within reach.

And so it may continue

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Today I started my new job as a pedagogic research assistant at Oxford Brookes University.

Welcome to 2015!

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A short message for my readers for New Year's Day 2015.

Teenager highlights ‘prejudice and discrimination’ against asexuality in documentary

The Mirror reports that a teenager — Josh Scott — has created a video and pamphlet about the problems caused by a lack of understanding of asexuality.

Asexuals want orientation recognised

“I want it to get into sex ed and sexual counselors,” Decker, a writer and an asexual, said of the book. “So that it will work into the common knowledge and common narrative about what sexuality is.”

A grandson’s lament

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Last night, my grandfather passed away. This is why he is so special to me.

Coming out of invisibility

"Coming out of invisibility" has been making waves in the ace community. It illustrates the pressing need to address discrimination and persecution.