Stephen James Broughton

I am a full time carer.

I have been caring for my partner since 2017. Being a full time carer means that I have put my career on hold until such a time that either his needs are met by the local authority and local health services, or I can find a sufficiently flexible role that allows me to fulfil my responsibilities.

Meanwhile, my caring role is allowing me to develop new skills. As well as becoming a master homemaker, I have a new perspective on working with individuals with mental health conditions.

I have found the following organisations particularly helpful.

I campaign for the rights of asexual spectrum people.

I co-founded MAAPLE in 2015 to raise awareness of asexuality and the problems asexual spectrum people face. We campaign for equal rights and protection.

Asexuality is less well known than other sexual orientations, yet it accounts for around 1% of the population. Research suggests that prejudice against asexual spectrum people already exists.

I have been an education researcher.

Before assuming my caring responsibilities, I was a researcher in mathematics education and higher education practices. At Loughborough University, I studied the use of assessment in mathematics teaching and learning at higher education level.

My thesis was a study of the use of a computer-aided assessment system with mathematics students by their lecturers and their effectiveness at measuring and promoting learning.

At Oxford Brookes University, I was involved in internal student experience projects, such as the introduction of learning analytics to enable students' data to be used to monitor learning and progress.

My other projects included studying the affective impact of introducing a Grade Point Average scale and the use of Participative Process Reviews as a means to implement step change in organisational practices.